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How do ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerators find out if they have failed?
Edit:Ye Qi (Shanghai) Electric Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-09-06

How do ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerators find out if they have failed?

1. Touch to feel if the ultra-low temperature refrigerator is abnormal

At this stage, there are many accessories that need to be felt. The price of ultra-low temperature refrigerators tells you that various components such as compressors, condensers, exhaust pipes, dry evaporators, filters, and refrigeration systems, for example, if the compressor is too hot, it is possible. If the condenser does not dissipate heat or the heat load is too large, if the condenser temperature is high, it may be that there is air in the refrigeration system... basically, there are several common problems, and everyone can solve it.

2. Carefully distinguish the abnormal operation of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator by sound

Pay attention to whether the sound of the compressor is normal or not. The sound of the "beep" is normal sound. If the sound is 嗡嗡嗡, 嗒嗒嗒, 嘶嘶嘶, etc., the compressor is not normal, check whether the click is shorted. Whether the compressor is faulty, whether the internal compressor components are loose and the exhaust valve is not tight, pay attention to check and handle.

Identify the sound inside the evaporator, hear the sound that does not belong to the inside of the evaporator, pay attention to check whether there is moisture in the refrigeration system, whether the refrigerant is gone, and if it is the problem of both, pay attention to timely rectification.

3. Analyze the current status of ultra-low temperature refrigerators

Observing the defrosting of the ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator is mainly to check whether the evaporator of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator, the freezer compartment, the surface of the refrigeration system, the surface of the suction pipe of the compressor have frost and whether the cooling speed is decreased. In the event of the above problems, it may be that the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is insufficient, or the refrigeration system has a leak point or the refrigerator door is not closed tightly, or the refrigerant is excessive.

4. Feel the smell of ultra-low temperature refrigerator by taste

When using ultra-low temperature refrigerators, please pay attention to the presence of odors. If there is any damage, the internal components may be damaged. Pay attention to check for looseness and fire failure. Pay attention to cleaning the ultra-low temperature refrigerator to avoid leakage.