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How to use the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator correctly
Edit:Ye Qi (Shanghai) Electric Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-09-06

Laboratory explosion-proof refrigerators are used to store chemical reagents, experimental reagents, etc. that are flammable, explosive, easy to evaporate, and corrosive. Applicable to the experimental sites of various laboratories and research institutes in universities. It is to prevent the loss of people or property caused by the explosion. User-friendly design, tempered glass partition, easy to store various specifications of the reagent bottle ultra-quiet fan equipped with noise reduction technology, the whole machine noise is less than 40 minutes, the laboratory environment is quieter, light-proof and heat-insulated foam door body, with small Angle self-closing function.

How to use the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator correctly

1. Before using the explosion-proof refrigerator in the laboratory, read the instructions in detail. The explosion-proof refrigerator after purchase or handling should be kept on for 2-6 hours before turning on the machine to avoid circuit failure.

2. When the machine is turned on, the compressor will work after 5 minutes. (Because we are using time-delayed explosion-proof solid state relays and overload protection and thermal protection devices)

3. Before the first use or re-activation, first adjust the thermostat to the strong stop, then adjust the thermostat knob to the third gear to avoid burning the compressor.

4. Before use, first carry out 2-6 hours of empty box power-on operation, if the cooling effect is good, the goods can be stored.

5. In case of accident, when it is just stopped, it can't be started immediately. Wait for more than 5 minutes to avoid burning the compressor.

6. Regularly remove dust from the surface of the condenser and compressor to avoid non-stop and temperature. It can be removed with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. Do not spray with water or add a dust cover.

Laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator maintenance tips:

1. Ensure the ambient temperature. The working temperature of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator must be below 30 °C and the surrounding area is well ventilated. Excessive temperature or poor ventilation can cause damage to the equipment due to overload operation.

2. During the use process, the door should not be opened too frequently, try to reduce the number of door opening and shorten the door opening time to reduce the leakage of gas inside the box to save electricity.

3. Regularly clean the ice at the door seal of the refrigerator. The door seal is not strict, and the heat preservation effect is seriously degraded, which may cause damage to the compressor due to long-term overload operation. Clean the cooling filter regularly (once every two months). The filter is not cleaned for a long time, and the dust blocks the mesh, resulting in poor heat dissipation, resulting in damage to the heat-dissipating motor and damage to the compressor. Please check the instruction manual for the cleaning method.

4, should keep the area around the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator clean, avoid flying and be sucked into the condenser, affecting the cooling effect.