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How to save energy in explosion-proof air conditioning refrigeration system
Edit:Ye Qi (Shanghai) Electric Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-11

The energy saving of the refrigeration system of the explosion-proof air conditioner not only greatly improves its efficiency and economy, but also has important environmental protection significance. The explosion-proof air conditioning refrigeration system is mainly composed of compressors, evaporators, expansion valves and condensers. The working principle is not complicated, mainly through the principle of refrigerant liquefaction and heat release, vaporization and heat absorption. Explosion proof air conditioner

The compressor is the key to the cycle of the entire explosion-proof air conditioning refrigeration system. From the perspective of energy consumption, the compressor needs to work with the volume of the refrigerant gas to achieve the pressure of the refrigerant. This process consumes a lot of energy, so if To achieve energy saving in explosion-proof air conditioning refrigeration system, the working energy consumption of the compressor should be optimized.

The condenser is an important energy-consuming unit in the air-conditioning refrigeration system. It adopts multiple sets of coil structures and has ribs to increase the heat exchange area. In the absence of cleaning and maintenance, the ribs will accumulate dust and debris, increasing the wind resistance and heat transfer resistance of the condenser. As a result, the pressure of the condenser is too large, and the energy consumption is increased, and the energy of the condenser is increased by 6% to 8% for every 1 kg% cm 2 of the pressure.

The compressor is a high-energy component in an air conditioning refrigeration system. Therefore, the energy-saving design of the explosion-proof air conditioning refrigeration system should adopt a new energy-saving compressor. Relatively speaking, the turbo compressor and the three-screw compressor have obvious energy-saving effects.

Turbo compressors currently have digital vortex compressors, DC inverter compressors, etc., which have the advantages of long service life. In terms of energy saving, turbo compressors can flexibly adjust the number of revolutions to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Energy saving purposes. The three-screw compressor has been developed from the old two-screw compressor, which not only makes the compressor more balanced, but also forms two working volumes that do not affect each other, so that the compressor can be flexibly controlled according to the change of the air pressure. The amount of exhaust gas reaches the energy-saving purpose of explosion-proof air conditioners.