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Principle and main structure of ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator
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Ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator is also known as ultra-low temperature freezer, ultra-low temperature storage box. There are generally two types of cabinets, horizontal and vertical. The inner box is generally divided into a plurality of bearing layers, each of which is designed with an inner door that can be independently switched. The outer box is generally formed by directly splicing five cold-rolled steel sheets. The inside and outside of the box are composed of 60mm and 80mm polyurethane foam materials. The thermostat is a platinum resistance sensor for temperature control. Refrigerants are now generally environmentally friendly refrigerants to meet environmental requirements.

How does the ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator work?

Ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerators are commonly used 40 degree low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator, 60 degree low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator, 80 degree low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator, ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator maintenance and working principle are similar. When the power is turned on, when the panel display temperature is higher than the set temperature, the stage compressor starts first, and the stage refrigeration system starts to work, so that the condenser temperature of the second stage refrigeration system drops, that is, the temperature of the second stage refrigerant decreases. .

After a few minutes of delay, the second-stage refrigeration system also started to work. Its evaporator is on the inner wall of the explosion-proof refrigerator, which can make the internal temperature of the explosion-proof refrigerator drop a lot. The heat released by its condenser is all evaporated by the stage refrigeration system. The absorption of the device, the heat released by the stage condenser is scattered in the air.

When the internal temperature of the explosion-proof refrigerator reaches the set temperature, the temperature probe resistance transmits the information, the control relay loses power, and the two-stage refrigeration system stops working. When the temperature in the ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator rises again and exceeds the set temperature, the ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator repeats the above operation process, so that the temperature inside the explosion-proof refrigerator is always maintained at the set temperature. Knowing the working principle of ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator, it can guarantee the maintenance of ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator. Everyone can check the treatment according to its working principle when repairing ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator.

The refrigeration system of the ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator basically adopts the working principle of cascade refrigeration, and two fully enclosed compressors are selected for use as high and low temperature compressors. The copper tube of the low-temperature evaporator is directly attached to the outer side of the inner box in the form of a coil, and is filled with a thermal conductive cement in the gap between the coil and the wall to increase the heat exchange effect. The condensing evaporator is a shell-and-tube type structure, and the inside is a four-tube thread type copper tube, which adopts a reverse flow type heat exchange method.

The low-temperature system is also equipped with a gas heat exchanger, so that the low-pressure gas from the evaporator can be exchanged with the high-pressure gas before entering the condensing evaporator, which not only reduces the heat load of the condensing evaporator, but also makes full use of it. Heat. Most of the filters use a wax-removing filter, the purpose of which is to effectively remove paraffin from the frozen oil to reduce the possibility of "oil plugging" of the system.

In addition, the ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator can also be equipped with some accessories according to different uses. For example, a temperature recorder is convenient for recording operating parameters; a carbon dioxide backup system is used to ensure that the gas in the environment is kept in a normal state under special circumstances; It can guarantee the normal operation of the compressor under low pressure.