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What are the regulations governing laboratory explosion-proof refrigerators?
Edit:Ye Qi (Shanghai) Electric Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-09-06

Laboratory explosion-proof refrigerators, as the name suggests, are laboratory-specific explosion-proof refrigerators, which are quite different from ordinary household explosion-proof refrigerators:

1. Some explosion-proof refrigerators used in the laboratory must reach a constant temperature. For example, some blood stations must have a constant temperature of 1 degree. As long as the home can achieve the desired cooling effect. There are also some chemical laboratories that have anti-corrosive external materials.

2, laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator with temperature display panel, you can observe the temperature inside the box at any time to prevent some unnecessary losses.

3, laboratory explosion-proof refrigerators with safety locks, especially for some special experimental items, need special personnel.

Management regulations for laboratory explosion-proof refrigerators:

1. The general-purpose explosion-proof refrigerator used in the laboratory shall have a service life of 12 years. If it exceeds the service life, it shall be compulsory for disposal. If the time of use has not expired, but the damage is serious and cannot be repaired, it must be scrapped.

2. Explosion-proof refrigerators must be implemented for existing explosion-proof refrigerators that store chemical reagents and inflammable and explosive materials. Explosion-proof refrigerators that have not been modified and used for more than 10 years shall not be used for storing chemical items, and the modified explosion-proof refrigerators may be extended for a period of 12 years. If it is a frost-free explosion-proof refrigerator, it must be changed due to the inability to carry out the transformation, and only ordinary items can be stored.

3. When it is necessary to purchase an explosion-proof refrigerator for storing chemical items, an explosion-proof refrigerator with explosion-proof function should be purchased; for various reasons, it is necessary to purchase an "electronic temperature-controlled explosion-proof refrigerator" (and the lighting system should be removed) Do not purchase "mechanical temperature control type" frost-free, frost-free explosion-proof refrigerators, otherwise the fixed assets will not be added.

4. When all units go to the laboratory and equipment management office to do the installation procedures for the fixed assets of the explosion-proof refrigerator, in addition to the original equipment information and other related requirements, it is necessary to provide proof of the type of explosion-proof refrigerator (instructions, etc.).

5. It is strictly forbidden to stack inflammable and explosive materials, gas cylinders and sundries in the vicinity of explosion-proof refrigerators, and keep the laboratory ventilated.