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STEx explosion-proof temperature controller

STEx explosion-proof temperature controller

Yeqi (Shanghai) Electric Co., Ltd. is a new type of explosion-proof temperature controller based on the old-fashioned temperature control switch. It adopts the pressure type temperature-packing sensor, which has the advantages of high precision and good stability. Since it was put into the market, it has been super high. Stability

Product Details

STEx explosion-proof temperature controller is a new type of explosion-proof temperature controller which is updated and improved on the basis of old-fashioned temperature control switch by Yeqi (Shanghai) Electric Co., Ltd. It adopts pressure type temperature-packing sensor, which has the advantages of high precision and good stability, and is put into the market. Since then, it has won praises from new and old customers with its high stability. At present, it is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, machinery, food, medicine and other industries, and can achieve temperature alarm and temperature automatic control.

Specification model interpretation: for example, STEx80DBCLW explosion-proof temperature controller

1. The temperature controller series products produced by ST-Yeqi (Shanghai) Electric Co., Ltd.;

2 , Ex- use environment code, Ex refers to explosion-proof type, common type does not need to be marked;

3 , 80- temperature controller range code, the specific applicable range, please refer to the range code parameter selection data;

4 , D- switch group selection code, D is single-pole double-throw, S is double-switch;

5 , B- switching difference selection symbol, B is the switching difference fixed type, K is the switching difference adjustable;

6 , C- and the medium contact material code, T is expressed as brass material, C is expressed in stainless steel;

7 , L- temperature type, M refers to capillary type, L refers to temperature in-line type;

8 , W- process connection interface, W refers to the M27X2 movable external thread, R refers to the customization according to user requirements;

Main technical performance and technical parameters of STEx explosion-proof temperature controller:

1 , medium contact material: brass, carbon steel, stainless steel

2 , working medium viscosity: less than 10 minus three square meters / s

3 , the ambient temperature: minus 20 degrees Celsius - 60 degrees Celsius, when the ambient temperature deviates from 20 ± 5 degrees Celsius, the error is less than 1% FS / 10 degrees Celsius;

4 , capillary length: 1.5 meters or according to user requirements;

5 , the length of the temperature package L : 75mm , 100mm , 120mm , 150mm , 200mm or customized according to user requirements;

6 , accuracy: ± 1% FS , ± 1.6% FS ;

7 , shell material and protection grade: the shell is a metal cast aluminum shell, the protection level reaches IP65 ;

8 , anti-vibration performance: max2g ;

9 , explosion-proof grade: ExedIICT6

10 , electrical parameters: maxAC380V 6A 100VA; maxDC220V 3A 10W ;

11. Electrical lead interface: ?6- ?11 cable gland or connector;

12 , process connection interface: M27X2 or external thread or according to user requirements.

Special selection: Capillary type Please specify the length of the capillary when customizing, no description is 1.5 meters. For the specification model parameter selection data sheet, please contact the sales department of Yeqi (Shanghai) Electric Co., Ltd. This YQSTEx80DBCLW explosion-proof temperature controller is of excellent quality, stable performance and reliable explosion-proof performance; the warranty is one year replacement, three-year warranty, and human factors damage is not included in this case.